Therapies Work on our Canine partners , Too!

Equine Proscope 360

Distributed by Intelligent Bioenergetics, this micro-current device is 'input/output'--it reads(input) and treats(output). The Equine-Proscope 360 is FOCUSED therapy, delivered through plates, probes and rollers that are non-invasive and painless. This provides a corrective signal to the body's electrical system, helping the body to heal itself. Because it is focused therapy, injuries(acute AND chronic) heal much faster with no adverse side affects without the use of drugs. The Proscope 360 is 21st century technology based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Equine Reiki

Reiki originated in Japan and translates to 'Universal Life Energy'. Reiki is a healing method developed over 2,500 years ago and was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 19th century, and was brought to the U.S. in 1970 by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. As a compliment to conventional medicine, Reiki strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing.


Tuina is a 2,ooo year old Chinese practice that incorporates the knowledge of how and where energy-known as Chi or Qi- flows throughout the body. Tuina practice teaches therapists to recognize the disruption or distortion of chi energy in the body and to use therapeutice touch to restore energy flows to the body's energy centers, known as 'meridians'.

Tuina techniques are used to restore correct anatomical musculo-skeletal relationships, neuro-muscular patterns and increase energy flows within the body.  Acupoints are selected to re-balance and harmonize the flow of energy in order to facilitate healing and prevent further injury.


Acupressure is a non-invasive, deceptively gentle treatment process. Ancient in origin, Acupressure is Tradition Chinese Medicine and is being increasingly adopted in the West. The effects of Acupressure have consistently shown to release endorphins necessary to reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms, resolve injuries by removing toxins and increasing blood supply, enhance mental clarity required for focus in training and performance, release natural cortisone to reduce swelling, and support the body's immune system. This modality is especially effective in conjunction with Tuina Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a method utilizing long, connected, sedative strokes, as well as sports massage, which is faster and deeper stimulation of targeted muscles.

​Rhythmic Muscle Pulsing

Rhythmic Muscle Pulsing is a deep two-beat pulsing upon a muscle that imprints the heartbeat rhythm on the muscle tissue and nervous system creating a nurturing rocking motion on the animal. Nerve-stroking or hands-on healing me be utilized, depending on the animal's receptivity and sensitivity.

Complimentary to Conventional Veterinary Medicine

All of the healing modalities and services offered  by Lightning  Heart Equine work very well with treatments and therapies proscribed by your Vet as well as Stand Alone Therapies. We encourage you to discuss these treatments with your vet and are happy to talk with you and the Dr. or other health care provider at any time. All of the treatments available are NON-Invasive, Drug Free, and do NO Harm while focusing on helping the body heal it​self. Additionally, a good nutrition program, adequate conditioning, regular vaccination and de-worming is important support -in consultation with a Vet- for the effectiveness of the therapies.

Some of the conditions positively affected:

​Abscessed Feet, Arthritic & inflamed joints, Bowed tendons, Cartialge damage in knees and ankles, Colic, Deteriorating Coffin Bones, Laminitis, Pulled Suspensory Ligaments, Ringbone, Traumatic inflammation injury