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​You can expect:

Decreased Pain, Increased Flexibility, Improved well-being; often attained in as little as three sessions. Chronic conditions may require more sessions.

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How It Works:

Intelligent FOCUSED microcurrent autocorrects abnormal electrical patterns in nerve & connective tissue; creating an optimal healing environment for increased circulation, decreased inflammation and effective pain relief.

What It Can Do:

Pain Relief from:

Abcessed Feet, Arthritis, Cartilage Damage in Knees & Ankles, Navicular Syndrome, Founder/Laminitis, Pulled Ligaments & Tendons, Joint Inflamation, Muscle Spasm in Stifles, Back & Shoulders, Pinched Nerves, Traumatic Injury, NON-DRUG, NON-INVASIVE PAINLESS

Offering Equines & Other Animals:

 Quicker recovery Post-surgery, -injury, -trauma; reduction of pain medication, options to unsuccessful therapies or surgery.

Equine Proscope 360

21st Century Pain Relief 

​from IntellBio